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Voter Protection & Education

Problem: Voter registration process needs more awareness, consistency, and accessibility.

As the next Champaign County Clerk, I will demonstrate a strong commitment to open democratic processes at every level when administering the electoral process.  Part of that role is to enhance voter education and voter access. Under my leadership, voter education campaigns will seek to achieve near-universal coverage of the electorate. To do this effectively, it will require reaching out to disadvantaged groups as well as mainstream voters. Minority groups, students, and other marginalized segments of society will be a particular focus.Young adults eligible to vote for the first time may need education on how to register and cast a ballot. Our voter education outreach will include education and public service announcements encouraging everyone to vote.

We will not limit ourselves to posters and direct mailings to voters, my office will utilize a variety of communication methods to ensure that all voters have access to the information they need to confidently participate in the voting process. Under my leadership, students and other groups will be invited to assist in developing material that will resonate with non-traditional voters, and citizen input will play a major role in the Clerk’s office.


  • Take a creative approach to reach voters of all demographics

  • Educate voters about their voting rights and the voting registration/voting process through social media campaigns and other media outlets

  • Protect the rights of voters and ensure that disenfranchised communities are given access to resources, enabling them to participate in our democratic system