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Increase Student Voter Participation

Problem: Poor Outreach and Support for Student Voters

For the past few years, the county board, led by the county clerk’s office, has chosen to consolidate voting centers located in or near the campus community. Of course, saving and spending taxpayer money is something I take very seriously.  Equally as serious to me is protecting the voting rights of thousands of students. Political pundits and elected officials love to complain that the Millennial vote turnout is low in the state or national elections. How will it get any higher if we don’t educate students as to why they should vote, and give them the opportunity to do so? Students may not realize it, but municipal government affects their lives on a daily basis, from public transportation, affordable housing, to snow removal and more. They should get every chance to cast their vote and choose who represents them in government. College is the time when kids grow into adults, and it is important to teach students that participating in their democracy is not only a right but a responsibility. Hopefully, voting can become a habit that they carry with them as they move on from the University and join the workforce.

If elected County Clerk, Aaron pledges to:

  • Hold talks and informational meetings on campus with students to engage with them and discuss their views on voting

  • Collaborate with the University to encourage the students to register and vote while they are residents of Champaign County

  • Launch a social media campaign designed to increase student voter turnout