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Digital Privacy

Problem: Interstate Crosscheck Program collects private voter information for a national database, disenfranchises voters (especially in minority communities).

Currently, 27* states are participating in the national Crosscheck program, which involves the federal government collecting state voter registration data, including (according to the Illinois ACLU) 8.6 million registrations and social security information. Illinois, unfortunately, is one of those states. This program is founded on unproven claims of voter fraud on a massive scale. An analysis of the program shows that it is faulty beyond question, it generates hundreds of thousands of false positives, which result in legal voters being removed from voter rolls. These false matches overwhelming flag minority voters. Beyond this, the program also raises voter privacy concerns, one of the greatest strengths of our democracy is that voter information is guarded by the states.

*Due to voter concerns and their lobbying efforts, some states have begun withdrawing from the Crosscheck Program. This is a currently evolving and timely topic. 


  • Work with Illinois legislators and Illinois Association of County Clerks and Recorders to remove Illinois from the Crosscheck Program

  • Work with the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) program, which has proven to be the best practice for voter maintenance, digital security, and requires states to actively seek out and register unregistered voters