Meet Aaron Ammons, Champaign County Clerk

In October of 2016 I organized an early voting event at The Church of the Living God, and during that event, I helped ‘Lisa’ vote for the very first time. Lisa is in her 50s. Until that point, she thought only those with a clean record were able to vote. I assured her that she had every right to vote and that in Illinois, her past did not bar her from the voting booth. I walked Lisa to the room where votes were being cast, she received her ballot, and for the first time in her life, she participated in our democracy. Lisa was beaming with pride when she exited the room.

“I felt so good about being able to cast my vote,” she told me. 

The obvious anxiety that was on her face when she shared her concerns with me previously had been transformed into peace, joy and great pride. I tell you this story because it illustrates the primary reason why I ran for County Clerk. I want to ensure that all citizens of Champaign County feel what Lisa felt. 

I am proud of our community and proud to serve the people in it. I am an alum of Central High School, and I have lived in Champaign County for over 30 years. My parents live here. I have a brother and six sisters, three of whom still live here as well. I have five children and my wife, Carol, is the State Representative of the 103rd District, representing Champaign-Urbana. I have four grandchildren, three lizards, two dogs, a horse and I find great peace of mind when working in my organic vegetable garden.  

I ran for County Clerk because I want the residents of Champaign County who seek information about a marriage license, birth certificate, taxes or their voting rights, feel welcomed and are served with integrity.

Becoming County Clerk is the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. I have registered hundreds of people to vote in Champaign County.  My passion for voting rights is well documented, and my desire to expand the franchise is rooted in my belief in participatory democracy. Therefore, the office of County Clerk is a natural fit for me. I believe the right to vote and to collectively choose our representatives is fundamental to our way of life and I vow to ensure fair, free, and accessible elections in Champaign County!

Your Servant,
Aaron Ammons


Contact Information


PO Box 53
Urbana, IL 61803